Stress State at the Bucket of
a Tractor


To better understand the stress state for a new tractor, a structural analysis computer program was used to determine stresses in the tractor's front-end bucket. For the location shown, it was determined that the stresses are σx = 30 psi, σy = 10 psi, and τxy = 20 psi.



Using Mohr's circle, what is 1) the principal direction and principal normal stresses, 2) maximum shear direction and the maximum shearing stress, and 3) the stresses at an angle of 15o?


  • Construct the basic Mohr's circle for the given stress state.
  • Determine the principal direction from the Mohr's circle diagram, and then the principal stresses.
  • Find the maximum shear stress direction from the Mohr's circle diagram.
  • Rotate the stress element 15o using Mohr's circle.
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